Diary of a Sadist (CD or MP3)

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Rated 4K in Kerrang, 8/10 in Metal Hammer UK, 8/10 in Rocksound Magazine.

"Its refreshing to hear a band so brave" Metal Hammer

"A massive sounding piece of work" Kerrang

"A sound most metal bands would kill for" 10/10 PunkGlobe

1. Kiss & Tell
2. Single White Female
3. The Thrills, The Kills, The Rapture
4. Super Nitro Ego
5. My Statement of Misintent Feat. Brian 'Yap' Barry
6. It's No Secret
7. Class 'A' Ladykiller
8. The Hijack
9. Death of a Porn Star
10. A Masterclass in Ass Kicking
11. Yet Another Sob Story
12. Serpentina
13. The Underdogs Never Win *
14. The Other White Meat *
15. Hollywood Can Wait *
16. For the Love of Money *

( * = mp3 only )